Hello and welcome to the 'About' page of FocussingOnPhotography Ltd, which is owned by me. I'm Antony Baker. My first foray into photography was back in the pre-digital days of film and darkrooms. Whilst there was something magical about seeing a print appear in front of your eyes, a combination of lack of space, various chemicals and infra red lamps doesn't really compare with sitting in front of a computer with Photoshop and a cup of coffee. I like technological progress!

Over the years, I have photographed a wide variety of subjects but have two photographic passions - people and landscapes, which is why you'll see two sections in my gallery. Photographing people on location can nicely combine the two but I have a fully mobile studio if you prefer.

I've been married to Helen for more years than she cares to think about (she keeps wanting to know when she gets the medal!) and we have two children - well, I say children, but they're both taller than me: James, a CNC Machinist who has just set up home a few minutes drive away and George, who is in his second year of an Economics and Finance degree at the University of Newcastle.