A Shivering Mountain and a Frozen Photographer

02nd March 2015
A couple of weekends back, having been inside for most of the day, I had the urge to go for a walk and hopefully catch a decent sunset and I muttered something to Helen and George about having a wander up Bamford Edge. Now, I must admit that I'm prone to not-so-bright ideas - just talk to folks who know me for verification of this - and was quite surprised when the two afore-mentioned members of my family agreed to join me.

Well - the walk up to the edge certainly got the blood pumping. The setting up of camera and tripod and subsequent standing around waiting for decent light was another matter given that all feeling to uncovered peripherals quickly vanished in biting winds - it's hard operating a camera wearing thick waterproof gloves. (Note to self: buy thinner, thermo-insulated ones and work like Roadrunner on Speed!) Helen and George sensibly wandered around the plateau grouse spotting (and found lots!) which kept them warmer (or at least less cold).

A very invigorating evening - a hot bath never felt so good...

This is the view to Mam Tor which is also known as 'Mother Hill' and 'shivering mountain' given it's propensity for landslides.