A New Home for Hercules

19th July 2015
Hercules is a Horsfield Tortoise who's been part of our family for seven years. We (well I say, we, but mainly Helen and the boys, with me feigning reticence, have been talking about getting a puppy). James has called him 'Wilf the Westie', so no prizes for guessing which breed we're looking at. Wilf doesn't know this, probably because he's unlikely to have been born yet as we've still got a few things to sort out before taking the plunge into doggy ownership.

Unfortunately it's meant that we've had to say goodbye to Hercules, a photo of whom is below. I'm pleased to say that he's now got a lovely new home with a lady who'll look after him.

Next step - the search for Wilf the Westie. I'll keep you posted.