A Jaunt Round North Yorkshire

17th July 2015
I spent a very pleasant day recently in the company of my friend Steve (actually I do have more than one friend - the way I phrased that makes me sound like 'Billy No Mates') on a photographic trip round North Yorkshire. Steve is a landscape photographer of some repute http://www.stephenpricephotography.com/

There was much discussing of f stops, shutter speeds, ISO's, polarising and infra red filters (yes, I know, but we enjoy it and it doesn't harm other people!). Oh! And we took some photographs as well!

Steve planned the route and somewhat optimistically listed ten locations. We managed to get to three! At least they'll still be there the next time we go.

The top photo is of West Burton Falls, the bottom one is of Castle Hill.

Can't wait to do it again...