I'm in the Sheffield Star Tonight
13th October 2015
No, not as South Yorkshire Police's most wanted - honestly! Last Saturday Hallam FC hosted National Non-League Day, the annual national celebration of grass roots football, for the first time. Crosspool Juniors U8s were mascots for the home side and did a great job as ball boys during a cracking match between Hallam and Hemsworth Miners Welfare, with the visitors winning 2-1 but a thirty yard volley from Hallam's Micah Bishop ranking as one of the best goals I've ever seen. Attendance was way past Hallam's best of the season so far and cash was raised for Prostate Cancer UK.

I've posted a few shots below including the one in the Star.


Team Photos for Hallam Under 14’s
20th September 2015
Having been contacted by the Manager of the Hallam Under 14’s football team, I happily gate-crashed one of their training sessions recently to take the team photos, after which I left them to it, wistfully remembering the days when I could run around a football pitch for ninety minutes and not be out of breath. I suspect that if I tried it now I'd end up in hospital... Anyway, I’ve posted a few shots below.


A New Home for Hercules
19th July 2015
Hercules is a Horsfield Tortoise who's been part of our family for seven years. We (well I say, we, but mainly Helen and the boys, with me feigning reticence, have been talking about getting a puppy). James has called him 'Wilf the Westie', so no prizes for guessing which breed we're looking at. Wilf doesn't know this, probably because he's unlikely to have been born yet as we've still got a few things to sort out before taking the plunge into doggy ownership.

Unfortunately it's meant that we've had to say goodbye to Hercules, a photo of whom is below. I'm pleased to say that he's now got a lovely new home with a lady who'll look after him.

Next step - the search for Wilf the Westie. I'll keep you posted.


I'm Club Photographer for Hallam Football Club
17th July 2015
I'm delighted to have been accepted into the fold at Hallam Football Club as Club Photographer. More details at

The good looking fella on the left of the photograph is Steve Basford, Co-Chairman; the scary bloke on the right is me!

Here's to a successful season for all at the club.

A Jaunt Round North Yorkshire
17th July 2015
I spent a very pleasant day recently in the company of my friend Steve (actually I do have more than one friend - the way I phrased that makes me sound like 'Billy No Mates') on a photographic trip round North Yorkshire. Steve is a landscape photographer of some repute

There was much discussing of f stops, shutter speeds, ISO's, polarising and infra red filters (yes, I know, but we enjoy it and it doesn't harm other people!). Oh! And we took some photographs as well!

Steve planned the route and somewhat optimistically listed ten locations. We managed to get to three! At least they'll still be there the next time we go.

The top photo is of West Burton Falls, the bottom one is of Castle Hill.

Can't wait to do it again...


Headshots for Hallam…
12th June 2015
…no, I haven’t assassinated the good folks of Hallam Football Club but I did have a fun time photographing the Committee of the Club prior to a meeting, at which point I stopped firing flashguns at them and left them to it.

Hallam are the second oldest football club in the world (after Sheffield FC), and have played at Sandygate Road in Sheffield since 1860, which is the oldest ground in the world. The team currently play in the Northern Counties East League Division One.

Here’s an example of what I got up to


A Model Morning
27th April 2015
I was delighted to have the chance recently to shoot a modelling portfolio for Jess in her home. It took a lot of willpower on my part to stop fussing her two gorgeous Old English Sheepdogs. They'd probably have stood for it all day given the chance, but then we'd have got nothing done! A very interesting and enjoyable photo shoot - first time I've photographed a snake as a prop...thought we'd best not bother with the deceased rat in the garage though (dinner for said snake)! Here's one of the shots. More in the Gallery

Musical Memories...
09th March 2015
...of (some might say) a mis-spent youth. Helen and I recently saw (and I sang along to - good job the volume was turned up!), the Fixators, a four piece band from Sheffield covering punk, mod and other such genres from when I was a lad. As usual, the band went down a treat - folks singing (not just me then!), up and dancing and some even pogo-ing (not me... maybe thirty odd years ago!). A great night had by all...

The Fixators are on Facebook

This is John giving his all


A Shivering Mountain and a Frozen Photographer
02nd March 2015
A couple of weekends back, having been inside for most of the day, I had the urge to go for a walk and hopefully catch a decent sunset and I muttered something to Helen and George about having a wander up Bamford Edge. Now, I must admit that I'm prone to not-so-bright ideas - just talk to folks who know me for verification of this - and was quite surprised when the two afore-mentioned members of my family agreed to join me.

Well - the walk up to the edge certainly got the blood pumping. The setting up of camera and tripod and subsequent standing around waiting for decent light was another matter given that all feeling to uncovered peripherals quickly vanished in biting winds - it's hard operating a camera wearing thick waterproof gloves. (Note to self: buy thinner, thermo-insulated ones and work like Roadrunner on Speed!) Helen and George sensibly wandered around the plateau grouse spotting (and found lots!) which kept them warmer (or at least less cold).

A very invigorating evening - a hot bath never felt so good...

This is the view to Mam Tor which is also known as 'Mother Hill' and 'shivering mountain' given it's propensity for landslides.


A Morning of Martial Arts
13th December 2014
I had the opportunity recently to photograph Sensei Bob Hague, Chief Instructor of Sheffield Shotokan Karate Club, for his website

I’ve known Bob for more years than either of us care to think about.
He has a Dojo (training hall) at the bottom of his garden, where we spent some time shooting a variety of poses with and without weapons. Training is undertaken in bare feet and whilst some Dojo floors are wooden here there are mats, which make for much more comfortable landings and, it must be said, don’t give you frostbite in winter. You can't wear shoes though. First job I’ve done in carpet slippers…


Wyming Brook Wander
18th November 2014
Well, Christmas isn't far away and life's getting more hectic. so by way of a bit of rest and relaxation, we went for walk down Wyming Brook recently, and me being me, the camera and tripod were to hand. It's a beautiful spot at any time of year but in autumn the colours are absolutely stunning and unsurprisingly a good number of people (and a fair number of dogs) were out and about. Helen, bless her, was my look out, giving me a shout whenever folks were about to come past (some parts of the path are very narrow) so that I wouldn't do them a mischief when wielding the tripod. This worked splendidly and I'm pleased to report that as a result no people or animals were harmed during the taking of the photographs, one of which I've posted below.